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  1. Is your work life balance all it could be?
  2. The Caresquared app will help you get time back that you
  3. caring can be all consuming, Give yourself a break
  4. Keep your loved ones safe
    Have an actionable care plan you can implement easily & immediately

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Build a Stronger Relationship with Your loved ones without having be be there in person 24/7

The care squared App will let you check in on loved ones and set custom reminders and notes for them anytime of the day and night, We’re constantly looking at features to impliment that will make the app a richer and more interactive experiance for all users.

 Managing and Caring for Your Loved Ones Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard.

Geolocation and geo-fencing so you know where your loved ones are.

Get alerted if they leave a specific boundary. Chat to loved ones and set reminders in the app we’re also looking at adding proximity heroes to the app so that if your loved one goes missing other verified and trusted members of the care squared community can help locate and bring loved ones home.

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